We've selected the most effective tools for building online courses and membership sites. If you work with us, the software license for these tools is included free in the price you pay.

Our recommendations...

Your website platform

We build all our course websites on Wordpress.

Wordpress is a free platform that's used by over 60 million websites worldwide, including 38% of the top 10,000 sites on the web.

Most importantly, it's incredbly well supported. No matter what you want your website to do, there'll be a theme or plugin for Wordpress that'll do it.

And there are more tutorials available and more website developers able to use Wordpress than any other platform. So if you want to take over the running of your course site yourself, or hand it over to your own developer, it'll be (relatively) easy.

Web hosting

We've been using WPX Hosting for web hosting for years.

They have an unbeatable combination of high performance, great customer support and amazing value. They regularly beat out much more expensive competitors in industry performance benchmarks.

If you get your course built by us, then we'll host it for a year on our WPX Hosting account. After that you can keep the site with us for a small annual fee, or switch to your own hosting.

FInd out more about WPX Hosting via our affiliate link here.

Membership management and shopping cart

We recommend Memberpress as your membership management system and shopping cart.

Memberpress is a powerful membership system that can protect your courses, downloadable content and other pages on your website. 

Unlike most other membership systems, it has a built-in shopping cart, and can handle VAT and other sales taxes along with coupons, fixed-term memberships, one-off purchases or recurring payments.

You can find out more about Memberpress here. But remember, if you get your course built by us we cover your license fees for a year so there's no need to buy your own license.

If you want a standalone "funnel" cart for selling products not related to your course site (like services or physical products) then the tool we use and recommend is Thrivecart. It's on a special lifetime deal right now which you can access through our affiliate link here.

Learning management

Learndash is our recommended learning management system. It organises your courses into lessons and topics and manages progression through them with automatically generated navigation and progress bars. It allows you to run course quizzes and give certificates on completion of a course.

You can find out more about Learndash here. As ever, don't buy it if you want us to build your site as we cover your license fees.

If you have a relatively simple setup where you only need to protect your course content and you don't need to handle VAT or sales taxes then Learndash can actually perform the membership management and shopping cart functions itself. Most people will need a more advanced solution like Memberpress for membership management though.

Page builder

A page building tool that works with Wordpress enables you to produce beautiful and functional pages in the fraction of the time it would normally take. 

The tool we recommend is Thrive Architect. It's been specifically built for commercial websites with lots of marketing features that make it particularly suitable for a course website.

it's also incredibly good value compared to other page builders.

You can find out more about Thrive Architect through our affiliate link here. As with the other tools, if we build your site for you, your annual license for Thrive Architect is covered in our price.

Video hosting

You'll need a service to host your videos and provide video player so your customers can watch them. Unlisted Youtube videos are an option for small courses looking to save money. But for professional courses you need to go with a solution like Vimeo.

Vimeo is our preferred service becuase of its high limits for the number and size of videos you can store, and good value pricing. It's also very well integrated with all the other tools we use.

You can get a 25% discount on annual Vimeo plans with our referral code here.

And as ever, if you get us to build your site for you, Vimeo hosting for a year is included.

We use a number of other tools too, like Convertbox for signup boxes and widgets and for our live chat/chatbot.

But the tools above are the core ones you need to run a successful membership site and the ones we use ourself for every membership site we build.

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