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The Momentum Club Rapid Results Program is your fastest way to build a steady flow of leads and clients without needing to spend all your time on marketing or become a super slick salesperson.

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About The Academy

Ian Brodie

Founder of The Academy

The additional resources in Momentum Club then allow you to improve and enhance all the aspects of your core marketing system. You can add additional lead generation methods, improve your nurturing, or implement new ways of converting prospects into clients with a wide range of topics.

Steve Nicholls

Managing Director Executive Connexions

After a very short time in Momentum Club I had my ever best revenue month. I mean best EVER - since being self employed or previously being in employment.

Serena Humphrey Managing Director The F-Word

The hardest part of my 19 years in business so far has been marketing. I knew it was the secret to consistent income and profit, but I didn't understand it and was scared of it. I spent thousands on so-called experts, none of whom had a clue how to market my business.

Then I found Ian! Ian Brodie is literally the only person I have ever encountered who truly understands marketing, marketing strategy and how to execute that strategy consistently. and he's incredibly generous with his ideas, insights and has a genuine desire to help people.

My business now has a steady flow of leads, and consistent predictable profits - the holy grail of every business. I recommend Ian to everyone I work with and many of my clients follow his fantastic blog and use his Momentum Club.

Dan Pfister

Founder, winclientsback.com

After 20 years in marketing, I’ve been through many programs and the Momentum Club is the best business building program I’ve ever been in – it’s truly a breed apart.